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Learning Thai Language Conversations & Reading/Writing has Never Been This Easy!

Welcome to the first and the best Thai language online lessons! A one-stop website for learning Thai speaking and writing!

Kruumui.com is like having a private Thai language tutor at home! The online lessons are very well designed, easy to follow with audios and a colorful design. It's suitable for beginners at any age.

Speaking Lesson
Speaking Thai e-lessons introduce you to Thai conversation for beginners. The 12 lessons cover all the basic daily life topics that will help you speak Thai with confidence
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Likes having Thai Tutor at home
Thai Writing Lesson
Learn how to write and read Thai step by step with Kruumui.com. The best and easiest way to learn Thai writing. The lessons are well-explained with audio pronunciation. Suitable for beginners!
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Thai Writing
Let's Write Lesson
Learn Thai Outside the classroom
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Likes having Thai Tutor at home
Learn Thai outside of the classroom! Stay up to date about Thailand. Learn the Thai language via Thai news & Entertainment.
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Kruumui.com, like having a private tutor at home!
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Kruumui.com is a one stop Thai language learning website!