Sawatdii Kha!

I am Kruu Mui

Welcome to Thai language e-learning lessons

Sa-wat-dii kha. My name is Mui. I’m native Thai, fun and friendly professional teacher and translator. In the past 9 years, I have been teaching Thai in Singapore. I taught the Singapore Ministry of Defense staffs.  The lessons ran from basic reading, writing and conversations to advance level. My experience includes teaching at Singapore ITE college, language schools and private lessons with many students from different countries.

When I began teaching, it was hard to find the perfect Thai language textbook. Many Thai textbooks out there were too informative, outdated, and confusing even for me as a Thai. This is the reason why I created this online class material that will help my students learn Thai fast and easily. The lessons will include the knowledge of Thai cultures, people, food, places of interest and much more.

In the past 20 years, I have traveled to many places around the world. Living in western and Asian countries helped me understand the cultures and people and be able to deliver better lessons to each individual person from different background and perspectives.

What my students say


Thank you Kruumui for the best Thai language learning course ever!!!! I have lived in Thailand for over 20 years and struggled to learn Thai. This program is so well set out. You learn everything step by step and so many opportunities to practice what you have learned so you can test your understanding. I can go backwards and forwards as I need to. The recordings of all the sounds and words are so clear. Thank you so much!!

Margaret Grainger
From Australia

Kruu Mui's training module structure and content was very well designed. The pace was perfect for a beginner like me. She is very nice and committed to helping her students learn and understand the language concepts. Personally I was surprised how fast I progressed with my Thai skills. Highly recommended!

Juha Hamalainen
From Finland

The reason I could continue learning Thai while having a full time working mom was, first of all, Kruu Mui's class was always fun, and at the same time I could learn the most important basic reading and writing in Thai.
It was amazing moment when I first be able to read some signboards in Thai when I travelled to Bangkok and Phuket. It was totally different experience from time I first could read other languages in ABC. I could read cute letters which look like animals, pronunce them and understand the meaning!
It not easy to learn from the very beginning, but Kruu Mui helped me keep motivated in learning Thai by using fun materials. Those materials also helped me love Thai culture more as well.

From Japan

Kruu Mui is an excellent teacher for the Thai language. Every session is very interactive, and develops ours conversational skills deeper. She is very knowledgeable about her teaching methods, no two sessions are the same. You will always be challenged to push yourself further. Kruu Mui is also very helpful in and out of the class. She takes the effort to help you to cope even when you are out of the lesson. Even till now we are still in contact as friends, and she still helps me out with the language at times, which i appreciate deeply. Learning a new language is never easy. But after her lessons, i am able to speak confidently on my own. I would definitely recommend anyone considering to take up Thai language to study with Kruu Mui.

James Yap
From Singapore e-learning is like having private Thai language tutor at home!