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Whether you learn Thai for work or pleasure Kruumui.com e-learning will make it easy and effective. Kruumui.com is everything you need. Basic Conversational lessons to learn speaking Thai in one week! Reading and Writing lessons will help you learn and understand the Thai language deeply. You will be able to read and write Thai in 43 hours! By visiting my Blog page or following Kruumui Facebook, will help you stay up to date about what going on in Thailand and learn more tips about the Thai language!

Why pay $50/hour when you can learn Thai at anytime for less than $50!

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Package 1

Let's Chat

As Low as $49

“Let’s Chat” Membership gives you access all 12 Conversational Thai language Lessons. Each lesson starts with new vocabulary & audio pronunciations for you to listen and repeat after. Conversational dialogs & audios, grammars, exercises & audios with key answers. Free Peek>>  

Package 2

Let's Write

As Low as $69

“Let’s Write” Membership, you will be able to access all 43 learn to write and read Thai language lessons. Each lesson is very well designed to make learning Thai writing fun and not overwhelming. You will learn Thai consonants, Vowels, Tone Marks, Tone Rules and be able to form syllables and sentences. Each lesson comes with audio pronunciations, many exercises to practice and key answers. Free Peek>>

Pro Package

Let's Chat & Write

As Low as $89

“Let’s Chat & Write” Membership, you get both “Let’s Chat” and “Let’s Write” at the very spacial discount price! Free Peek>>

Whether you learn Thai for work or pleasure, Kruumui.com e-learning will make it easy and fun!