Basic Conversation lessons

Lesson Plan

Basic Conversation Lessons cover useful basic sentence structures, daily life words and conversations dialogs. After finish this level, the learners should be able to make conversations in Thai and be able to use the vocabularies and sentence structures to construct new sentences in the higher level. 

Guide Of Pronunciations

This Guide Of Pronunciations will introduce you through Thai tones, consonants and vowels using English transliterations.

Lesson 1: Greeting and Introduction

This lesson, you will learn how to say a greeting, self-introduction in Thai for both casual and business occasions. Learn new vocabularies, conversation dialogs with useful phrases.

Lesson 2: Question words

Learn Thai basic sentence structures and learn asking questions by using Thai question words - what, yes/no and confirmation question.The lesson comes with new vocabularies, nouns, verbs, to help you construct new sentences, conversation dialogs with useful phrases.

Lesson 3: Numbers

Learn to count Thai number from 0 - 100. Asking for someone for their phone number, age, and price. Learn new question words - "how much" and "can". Learn how to make negative sentences.  The lesson comes with new vocabularies, conversation dialogs with useful phrases.

Lesson 4: Nationality

Learn about countries, nationalities, languages, and people from around the world. Learn to ask questions about people nationality using question words "where", "what" and "can". Learn Thai verb to be and sentence structure with an adjective.

Lesson 5: Family

Learn about family and how to address family member. Ask questions using question word "who". Learn Thai culture of how Thai people addressing people outside the family according to the age and job position in both casual and business ways.

Lesson 6: Day and Month

Learn how to say the time of the day, days of the week, months of the year in Thai. Learn Thai tenses, past, present and future tense and how they are different from the English language. Learn to ask question word "when"

Lesson 7: Time

Learn how to telling time in the Thai language. There are measuring words to tell apart whether it is day or night time. Learn how to use the preposition, conjunction. Learn another question word "when", "Which time of the day" This lesson is not only useful for the beginners, but it will help you speak Thai seamlessly at the higher level.

Lesson 8: Season and Weather

Knowing how to say seasons and weathers is always useful for starting a conversation in any language. Learn how many seasons and what type of weathers in Thailand, your country or anywhere around the world. Learn more grammars and sentence structures. 

Lesson 9 : Color

Knowing how to say colors in Thai is not only help you build a strong Thai language foundation but you also learn Thai cultures through colors. Learn another question word "which" 

Lesson 10 : Body Parts

This lesson, you will learn to say body parts in Thai and be able to tell if you are not feeling well or feeling pain and need seeing a doctor. Learn more adjectives about people appearances

Lesson 11: Shopping

This lesson you will learn all about shopping, new vocabularies, Thai shopping phrases about asking prices, bargaining, payment options, returning or exchanging products. You will have the best shopping experience in Thailand!

Lesson 12: Transportations

In this lesson, you will learn the name of transportations that being used in Thailand and around the world in both personal and public. Learn how to take a taxi, buses, buying tickets, fares. Learn new vocabularies and phrases that useful about transportations in Thai.

Learning speak Thai is easy and fun at!